Customer Testimonials




"Great experience working with Terence! He listens to the wishes of the customer, and is very quick and professional in the communication. We can definitely recommend working with Terence."  

- Robin Rijnbeek - Founder of Flo-Bro


Sole Proxies


"Terence worked really efficiently on the task given to him. His communication was excellent and he was happy to constantly tweak the design until we received the perfect result.Not only that but he managed to achieve this in under 24 hours. I would thoroughly recommend Terence to anyone looking to get a superb logo for their new or existing business. What a great guy!"

- L.Bayley - Founder of Sole Proxies


Startup Steam


"Terence was fast, professional, and accommodating. He offered several iterations, each with multiple variations. Working with Terence was a pleasure, and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future."

- Matt .M - Founder of Startup Steam

Unica Labs, LLC


"We approached Logopy with a budget, a goal, and very little idea about what to do next. Terence quickly guided us through a proven design process, was very responsive to feedback, and helped convert our vague thoughts into tangible concepts. We would absolutely recommend Logopy's services to anyone seeking to quickly establish a quality brand design. Thank you, Terence!"

- Benjamin Mosior - Cofounder, Unica Labs, LLC



"Terence went to work quick, we started in the morning picking fonts and going over some logo concepts that I liked. Within a couple of hours he'd come up with 4 variations, and later that evening added another 4 variations. We stuck with the first logo version, and Terence went ahead and tried different color combinations. He even made a presentation, showing off of the logo across different mediums. Logopy delivered! He came up with a logo I loved in a few hours, and had everything wrapped up by the next day!"

- JB Uy - Founder of Notedock

iAmore Creative Workshops


"I was searching for a logo for my company and came across Terence. This was my first time hiring someone to do something like this. My experience with Terence was fantastic! From the initial email it took him only a few hours to have a first draft of ideas to me. I was blown away with the turn around time! Terence was thorough in his detail and mindful as to what I wanted the logo to be. He listened to my input and created a beautiful logo for me in no time at all! I can’t wait to do more business with Terence in the future, and I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone."

- Nicholas .T - Founder of iAmore Creative Workshops



"Amazing work, delivered a logo exactly how I envisioned. Clean, minimal, and intriguing. Will definitely use in future."

- Adam Bullock - Founder of Prnty



"Terence is simply stunning in his attention to detail, creative expression, and professionalism. I came to him not knowing exactly what I wanted and just gave him full reign; he was able to produce multiple amazing works within the day. We went over some ideas together, and then went above and beyond to refine it to something so precise and elegant I am still somewhat amazed. He is an incredible designer and an absolute pleasure to work with."

- John LaRue - Founder of IcosaDev



"Terence is amazing. He's fast, thoughtful, and fun to work with. He refreshed our brand with beautiful designs, which gave our small team the pride and confidence to approach big clients in the market. I highly recommend Logopy to other startups who need awesome branding to match their services."

- Charlie Rall, Co-Founder, Video Review Labs (Austin, TX)



"First off, Terence is super quick with iterations. He is also open to new ideas, thinks laterally and handles vague adjectives as input for logo design very well. I had a pleasure working with him to procure our (Synup Inc) new identity. We can't wait to launch our identity and show it to the world. It is safe to say that his services come highly recommended from me and everyone else at Synup."

- Mudit Ameta, Designer & Fullstack Developer of Synup

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