Frequently Asked Questions


What is Logopy?

  • I build logos / identity for small to large existing businesses

What service do you provide?

  • Custom logo / identity design

What files do I get for the logo design package?

  • Adobe Formats: .ai .eps .png .favicon, invoice & copyright transfer

Where does your fonts come from? Are they free?

What software do you use to create Logos?

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6

How long will my project take?

  • 2 to 5 days or within a week. Depending on the project

What is your timezone? Where are you based?

  • Malaysia, East Asia - Timezone is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (GMT+8)

How do I pay you?

  • You can pay through Paypal, either you have an account or not, you can still access Paypal's Payment Gateway with just your credit or debit card. Preferred currencies are USD, GBP, & EUR


Updated by Terence 10/3/2017